Your Business Partner

The Partner phone systems are designed for the smaller business applications: the Rel 4.1 Basic Partner has an initial capacity of 2 lines X 6 stations and can grow to 16 lines by 48 stations. The new and improved Partner system, called The Partner Advanced Communications System (ACS), is available with a 308 (3 line X 8 station) processor to give small businesses the additional trunk capacity needed to maximize call trafficking without incurring upgrading expenses right away.

Partner dual port ability can enable your business to use each phone station port with a partner style set (digital) or single line touch-tone device (analog). Partner also provides voice mail integration with it's phone systems using the Partner Mail VS, for smaller requirements and Partner Mail for more sophisticated small business needs. If Caller-ID is available to you from your local phone company, Partner ACS can handle that too!

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