The Stuff Legends are made of:

The Merlin Legend phone system has the software applications necessary to meet the challenging growth and technical demands of your business. With an initial configuration of 4 lines by 8 stations, the Legend can effectively handle a wide range of growth.

With the latest in digital communication technology, Legend provides you with a faster, more feature rich processor that can allow your business to inergrate the latest feature options such as; Voice Mail, direct inward dial, T-1 technology, Passageway screen pop, ACD--Automatic Call Distribution, The Enhanced Call Center and call accounting software.

The Legend processor is also sophisticated enough to allow the use of two different style models, from the AT&T-Lucent family; MLX-10DP, MLX-20L or MLX-18D etc... can be used on the Legend system alone, or in combination with the older style analog-multi line Merlin sets: BIS-10, BIS-22, or HFAI-10, etc... This feature will avail companies with pending voice mail needs, who are currently using older Merlin 1030 and Merlin II and not have to incur additional expenses to replace all their older style Merlin phone sets.

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